BMC should let creators either be able to customize what data is being pushed to the payment gateways or add additional features such as:
  • Name of the supporter/member/buyer
  • Type of Support (Extra, Membership, Support)
  • Extra/Membership tier name
Right now, you have a default "data push" to the payment gateways. On Stripe, I receive Extras, Memberships and Supports as "One time support for Abstrakt Music Lab" and they don't come with the name included in the data push or the sort of purchase that happened.
These additional fields would save time when doing accounting and would also make the connections more flexible according to the needs of the person, regardless of their payment gateway. For example, it would be nice if BMC could allow us to:
  • "Receive Extra payments as YYYY (customizable)"
  • "Receive Membership payments as ZZZZ (Customizable)"
  • "Push Customer name to Payment Gateway ( ) (Tickbox)"
  • "Push Extra/Membership Tier name to Payment gateway ( ) (Tickbox)"
  • "Push Support Type to Payment gateway ( ) (Tickbox)"
PS. I'm willing to provide additional data from my stripe account is necessary to the support team and to be a beta tester if required