Just Launched: QR Codes for your Page
Starting today, you can generate a beautiful QR code to share your Page with your fans.
Wait, How do I get my QR Code?
Just go to Button & Graphics section on your dashboard & you will be able to download your QR code instantly ⚡
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Your Page’s Favicon now shows your Profile Picture
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In an effort to put your brand at the front, we have made a small change to show your photo instead of our logo as a favicon.
This was one of the top requested features from our Community, and we are super excited to finally roll it out.
Dedicated membership page
You can now share your membership page directly from Buy Me a Coffee! This allows your supporters to compare your levels and decide to choose one quickly.
When a supporter purchases your membership, they will instantly be taken to this page that lists all the perks of your membership, along with your welcome note. They'll also get access to their own dashboard where they can see everything you've added over time, from custom audio and videos to exclusive photos.
Members can now upgrade/downgrade to another membership level
Good news we’ve all been waiting for! The option for members to revise their membership levels is live now. ↔️
How does it work?
Now, instead of having to cancel and resubscribe to a new level, members can easily upgrade or downgrade their memberships right from their account payments page with a few clicks.
Want more deets? Check out this guide. Also, don't forget to upvote the next feature you want to see live. We keep our promises. 😇
Introducing Audio Posts
Buy Me a Coffee is officially rolling out
audio posts
with built-in uploading, recording, and hosting tools that lets you easily create and publish audio episodes and series on your page.
Here’s what you will be able to do with audio posts:
- Capture audio straight from your phone, tablet, or computer.
- Import existing audio clips from all devices.
- Publish your podcasts behind a paywall by making them exclusive for your supporters and members.
The audio post feature is now live in your account. Head over to the posts page and tap audio posts to get started!
Improved your post feed and messages tab
Your posts feed just got revamped
, it’s better looking and better functioning after a series of much-needed tweaks.
Redesigned your messaging experience
by adding a new message indicator allowing you to easily respond to important threads.
Membership payment history and an improved Payoneer payout page
  • **
    Updated Payoneer payments
    **, making it easy to connect your account and even easier to request a payout. You'll also have details like account balance and all previous requests on your Payouts page.
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Discord access for each membership level
You can now offer members Discord Access as a reward based on their Membership Level. 🥳
PS - Don't forget to specify the Discord role that should be assigned to a new member by editing your Membership Levels on BMC.
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Membership payment history
You can now view the payments history of your members. Find all payments from a member, including renewals listed out chronologically in a single modal.
Introducing Membership Levels, Direct Messaging, and a new Dashboard 🤯
Multiple levels to boost your membership
The wait is finally over! You asked, and here we are delivering membership levels, easily the most requested feature of all time. 🥳
Levels are made to be different plans of your membership — customized by you — that your fans get to choose from when they visit your creator page. With each level, you can choose a monthly price and a complementary set of rewards.
If you want more info on how to add levels to your membership, check out this support page.
Send direct messages to your supporters
You can now send private messages directly to any of your supporters. This is a great way to deliver rewards, send personal welcome notes, and even get to know your biggest supporters.
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